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English follows Japanese

bijou world boutiqueは何年もの月日をかけてビジョンと夢を描き、ついに市場に出る過程にたどり着きました。ハイレベルの顧客サービスの維持、質の高い商品の提供など日本での開業はかなりの冒険です。まだまだ学ぶことはたくさんあります、おそらくこれからもずっと…でも努力することで人生がさらにおもしろくなると思います!今年はもっと大きな変化が起こると楽しみにしています。ウェブショップは新しい経験であり、世界各地、たくさんのフェアトレードからお届けする私たちの商品をもっとお見せできるショーケースになることと思います。マーケットでの小スペースではお見せ出来る商品に限りがありますので!現在~今までに至るまでbijouを支えてくださる皆様に感謝いたします。

bijou world boutique has been a vision and a dream for many, many years and is finally in the making process. It has been quite an adventure trying to figure out how to run a business in Japan, how to make sure it is ethically sound as well as maintaining a high level of customer service and sourcing quality items all at once. There is still so much to learn and perhaps always will be, but this makes us try harder and makes life so much more interesting!

I am really looking forward to this coming year as so many big changes are happening. The webshop will be a new experience and will allow us to showcase more products from around the globe, many of which are sourced from fair trade organizations. We can only show so much in a small booth at a market!

Thank you to all who have supported me and bijou world shop’s beginning in the past year and currently.

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