New jewelry in!

Recently we have been moving more and more towards silver and semi precious stone jewelry. We have suppliers around the world and try to choose unique and handmade silver only. Recently, we’ve added ruby, sapphire and emerald in opaque colors which are proving very popular. A few photos here and more to come on our web shop available to ship worldwide.

bijou photoshoot

Last Saturday March 3rd, we just shot our first fashion shoot with five lovely models, each of them friendly, sweet and professional. It was really exciting to see how the clothing fit on different women and to get it all on images to use for the webshop….the webshop which should be up in a few weeks (fingers crossed). A few photos from the shoot and the rest will be up on the shop shortly ;o)

Thank you Jiyugaoka!

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Just finished up a couple of weeks in Jiyugaoka at a weekly shop there and had an amazing experience and met incredible people. I want to thank those who visited me there and gave me their impression, feedback and appreciation for what I am trying to create.
I was most lucky and am so thankful for the wonderful women who have offered their help ranging from how to better market the shop, better display my items as well as what they are looking for in fashion and home wares. I am taking all this precious information with me on my next design and shopping trip to Bali, Thailand and my continuing orders with fair trade organization in Nepal, Africa, India and Thailand.
In the coming days and weeks, the focus wil be on design as well as the webshop. I also will concentrate on finding a space to possibly open a full time shop, perhaps in Jiyugaoka as I felt so at home there.
Thank you once again to all those who supported me, visited and shared their ideas and opinions.
More to come shortly.

Enjoy the beautiful spring days!

Busy days in Tokyo

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私はbijou world boutique を何か特別なものにすることと、セールスや収入ではなく基本的にお客様に感謝と満足していただけること、また同様に倫理的な取引の間で新しいデザインの開発と商品の提供に特に力を注いでいます。それは簡単なことではありません。2月のネパールとフェアトレード団体の訪問では、私たちが正しい方向に向かっていると再認識しより一層納得することができました。この訪問では、すべてがとてもスピーディに動いていてアップデートする機会がなかなかありませんでした。ウェブショップの工事に時間が掛かっているので、繁忙期が終わり次第サイト作りに集中しますのであと1~2ヶ月ほどお客様にお待ちいただければと思っています。東京と都内近郊でフェアやマーケットまたウィークリーショップを開催しています。驚くべき貴重な体験を経験しながら、夜遅くまで作業しています。マーケットでは1日に何千人もの人々からフィードバック、世界やファッションの中で何を求めているのかを理解するのにとてもいいチャンスです。昨日で幕張メッセでのイベントがちょうど終わりました。次の水曜日から自由ヶ丘でお店をオープンいたします。たくさんの新しい商品を販売いたします。またアフリカ、インド、タイ、インドネシアやネパールからもどんどん商品が届いています。お会い出来るのを楽しみにしています!

I have been working hard to make bijou world boutique something special and succesful not in terms of sales or income but more based on customer appreciation and satisfaction as well as in the developing of new designs and products while maintaining ethical trading standards. It hasn’t been easy. Visiting Nepal and fair trade organizations there back in February was a real eye opener and further convinced me that we are heading in the right direction. Following this trip, everything has been moving so quickly it’s been hard to have a chance to post anything.

We have been delayed in the construction of our webshop and hope our valued customers can wait patiently for another month or two until we move out of the busy season and can focus entirely on finishing the site. We have been attending fairs and markets as well as weekly shops in Tokyo and surrounding areas and this has been an amazing learning experience and has kept us up late at night preparing for each event! The markets are a chance to be exposed to thousands of people in a single day, to have their feedback and try to better understand what it is our customers are looking for in a world and fashion shop.

Our last event just finished up yesterday at Makuhari Messe and we will be opening shop in Jiyugaoka starting next Wednesday. Many new items to show and many still on their way from Africa, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Hello world!

English follows Japanese

bijou world boutiqueは何年もの月日をかけてビジョンと夢を描き、ついに市場に出る過程にたどり着きました。ハイレベルの顧客サービスの維持、質の高い商品の提供など日本での開業はかなりの冒険です。まだまだ学ぶことはたくさんあります、おそらくこれからもずっと…でも努力することで人生がさらにおもしろくなると思います!今年はもっと大きな変化が起こると楽しみにしています。ウェブショップは新しい経験であり、世界各地、たくさんのフェアトレードからお届けする私たちの商品をもっとお見せできるショーケースになることと思います。マーケットでの小スペースではお見せ出来る商品に限りがありますので!現在~今までに至るまでbijouを支えてくださる皆様に感謝いたします。

bijou world boutique has been a vision and a dream for many, many years and is finally in the making process. It has been quite an adventure trying to figure out how to run a business in Japan, how to make sure it is ethically sound as well as maintaining a high level of customer service and sourcing quality items all at once. There is still so much to learn and perhaps always will be, but this makes us try harder and makes life so much more interesting!

I am really looking forward to this coming year as so many big changes are happening. The webshop will be a new experience and will allow us to showcase more products from around the globe, many of which are sourced from fair trade organizations. We can only show so much in a small booth at a market!

Thank you to all who have supported me and bijou world shop’s beginning in the past year and currently.